Here’s some important factors that we believe help to define what makes us tick. We call them Our 7 Pillars because they’re the fundamental foundations of our enterprise.


Nothing beats it. It always has been and always will be the best teacher. We’ve developed an extensive knowledge base over many years by working on many types of equipment on multiple occasions. Further we’ve developed methodologies for logging the data and now have an extensive resource library of ‘how’ to’s which can be passed on.


Our expertise has been built through working on a wide range of electrical equipment and machinery as diverse as you’re likely to find anywhere.


We’re expert fault-finders and fixers! The necessity to keep clients mobile and their businesses operational has led to us developing innovative diagnostic methods and solutions.

Fit for Purpose

With a high level of technical expertise we are able to be very specific in the solutions we provide. We only fix and design what is essential to get the job done. We don’t a dd any unnecessary bells and whistles that you don’t need or that will cost more.

Training Excellence

Excellence must be passed on for it’s continuation. We train our own with the highest levels of standards possible – a case of “the best training the best”. In doing this we ensure that the longevity of our service expertise and business specialisation surpasses the individual ‘expert’.


At the end of the day it’s about getting a result for our clients in the shortest time-frame possible. If this means working past the normal hours to get a harvester back doing what it’s supposed to or putting extra hands to tools to meet urgent demands, we can and we will. We love our community and support it to the hilt.


We design solutions to work and fix things to stay fixed and only ever use quality components and best of breed products.